Gambino Fashion Consulting
  • We offer online and in- person consultations;
  • We successfully promote your brand and/or products focusing on increasing revenue;
  • We provide a unique and educational approach to kids, teenagers, and adults;
  • We teach the best way how to successfully act during job interviews;
  • We provide classes for sales represantives on how to maximize their sales in any field;
  • We help local politicians in their marketing strategies, image, and body language;
  • We organize fashion shows and work with clothing stores, fashion designers and bloggers on how to maximize their sales;
  • We help attorneys with their clients in knowing how to behave in court, including their overall image;
  • We provide Public Relations and Marketing strategies to athletes while helping them find new sponsors and supporters;
  • We help our clients transform and/or improve their current look, including personal shopping;
  • We provide Interior designing and decorating services;
  • We teach the proper way to shake hands, body language, behavioral techniques and image;
  • Become a Stylist:¬†We offer an Online Program, including Certification of Completion.