Gambino Fashion Consulting

Tatyana Sobolevsky – Mrs. South Florida, Mrs. Miami Beach, Mrs. Congeniality and Vice President at National Association of Professional Women

“Having a great time with Ana Gambino doing Wardrobe & Closet Sweep. Thank you for the new dresses you have chosen for me. I love them and I appreciate your fine taste, selection and design. I am so grateful to you for helping me to get rid of all my unnecessary, older, dated articles of clothing. After many years of attempting to do so myself. I feel relieved by the final result and thankful for your motivation and support. I am thankful for the services provided by Gambino Fashion Consulting. I am looking forward for the next opportunity to continue and learn new things from such a fashion expert who showers personal attention and exhibits such good taste! All my family members including parrots adore you. Ana Gambino personal attention and exquisite taste is helpful to anyone looking to put their best food forward; sparkle in the improved image and exhibit confidence! Take if from me…Ana is the best! Her taste of fashion and knowledge of design makes her an undisputed expert in her field. More importantly, she projects positive energy at all times. She is kind, warm, and compassionate human being. As soon as you meet her in person you will know immediately that she is caring and genuine. It is a pleasure and honor to know her, to work with her and to enlist her help in any of my professional endeavors.”